A quick guide on how to buy watches for less.

A watch has many uses besides telling you the time, but a lot of people don't know that. Some can make fashion statements or be symbols of wealth or status. A practical watch is one that is unbreakable and not very expensive. Still others are for fun, bought on impulse when you're at the mall or on vacation. No matter what you want your next watch for, the following tips will help you get one at a good price.

Many people know that they can purchase replicas of expensive watches that look just as good for far less. Despite the fact that the watch will look similar to the original, it will not be of the same quality and there may be legal connotations for doing so. A watch that bears the name of a famous brand, such as Rolex, but isn't a real one, is a counterfeit, and therefore illegal to sell or own. The problem is usually with the fact that the manufacturer does not want its logo or name on a counterfeit watch; otherwise it is perfectly legal to own. Remember that when you buy these watches, they may look like a $1000 watch, but inside, they will not have the same interior workings.

It is a good idea to always have a return policy and warranty on any watch that you buy. This is especially important when making purchases over the Internet, something that you usually don't have to worry about with a retail store, especially if you keep the receipt. Once you are on the website for the watch that you are about to buy, make sure that the return policy and guarantee are clearly stated on the site before making the purchase.

If you're buying from an individual, such as at an auction site, you have to read the terms before making your purchase. Sometimes used watches come with a 30 day money back guarantee which is always good to have. Although it is always good to have, this is generally very important if you are spending a substantial amount of money on the transaction.

Large malls and strip malls are sometimes the best places to find great deals on watches. Places to look would include large chain stores like Target and Wal-Mart which will provide great discounts on their merchandise including jewelry and watches. Best of all, when using these stores to locate and purchase a watch, you can take it back very quickly and easily for a replacement or a refund. It is also much better to do this in person, than online, because you can actually try the watch on to see if you like it or not. To summarize, there are many places to find a bargain when buying a watch, but you also have to use some basic precautions. While it's fine to want to save money, if something seems too cheap to be for real, there's probably something wrong. If the watch is the right price, however, and you trust the person that is selling it, buy it and save yourself a ton of money.

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