How to find the right watch at the right price.

It is a good tip to never purchase the very first watch that you see which comes your way. In many cases, you can save quite a bit by doing some research and shopping around a little. Use the following tips to get the most for your money when you need to have a new watch on your wrist.

Hands down, the first place you should look for deals on watches is online. There are several ways that you can find bargains on watches when shopping in this manner. If you know exactly the type of watch you're looking for, you can simply do a search and see what comes up.

Once the results appear, you will see how much each individual vendor wants for the watch. However, if you're not sure what brand or model of watch you want, you might be better off browsing on sites such as or You can also search for general terms like "women's sports watch" or "men's formal watch" to find these specific items.

If you're looking to save money on a watch, you could check out pawn shops or stores that sell used merchandise. Watches come and go at a pawn shop, so make sure you check every few days to see what they have in stock. What you find in a pawn shop is based upon what people brought to the store to sell, so what is in the store can change weekly or daily. Remember that there is no guarantee on what you buy at a pawn shop so make your purchase carefully. Sometimes the watch will not work at all, but the price is so low that you could probably take it in to get it fixed. As with anything, always get a quote on how much it will cost you to make the repairs before you make a purchase.

Large malls and strip malls are sometimes the best places to find great deals on watches. If you do a lot of shopping at Sears or other chain stores, you will more than likely find watch discounts near the jewelry department that are often very stylish and classy. Large chain stores are also very easy to deal with if the watch that you buy malfunctions and you need to return it. It is also much better to do this in person, than online, because you can actually try the watch on to see if you like it or not. Finding deals on watches is actually very simple, but always be careful when trading your hard earned money for a watch with any vendor. A simple rule is that watches that are extremely inexpensive should be avoided because the seller may know that it is broken or malfunctioning. As long as there is some level of trust between you and the seller, make the purchase and save yourself some money on your next watch.

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